iPad 3 - The Most Amazing iPad Yet!

Apple iPad 3
Apple is getting ready to launch the third generation iPad, the iPad 3. Apple is firing on all cylinders: Apple had the biggest quarter in its storied history, Tim Cook stepped in as the new CEO since Steve Jobs' passing, and Apple stock just shot past $500. Apple iPad 3 is still Steve Jobs' baby (he must have been totally involved in designing it) , and it will be the most amazing iPad yet.

What will make the iPad 3 insanely great?
1. Awesome Performance: Expect iPad 3 to include a quad-core processor that will blow your socks off. It will make the iPad 3 the fastest iPad yet. How fast? It will be insanely fast, at least four to six times faster than the current tablets, and may require the owners to well, put on the brakes!
2. Beautiful Display: The latest iPad may have the most beautiful retina display which will make a pixel feel really small! The display resolution would be so great that the pixel comparisons will become meaningless for this form factor. Expect the most vivid colors from an ultra high definition display.
3. High Definition Camera: Why should the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have high definition cameras, and not the iPad? This is about to change. The iPad 3 may be equipped with the latest HD camera with flash which will make it possible to point, shoot, click and record, even in low-light conditions. How about air play and direct HDMI playback?
4. 4G Connectivity: Wouldn't it be great if iPad owners could get the same performance even when there is no WiFi available? The latest iPad 3 may provide super fast 4G connectivity that utilizes the latest mobile technology and performance.
5. Siri & Beyond: The latest iPad 3 will come with Siri, the intelligent butler, I mean, personal assistant that will help get things done! You have a question, Siri has an answer! So ark away all you want, and oh, be pleasantly surprised to hear Siri answer back in full stereo sound!
6. Apps, Apps, Apps: Expect Apple to promote new productivity, entertainment and education apps that will capitalize on the iPad 3's performance, display, camera, interactivity and connectivity. Which app will make the new iPad 3 shine and bring out the true colors?

About the only thing missing from the new iPad 3 launch will be Steve Jobs' legendary presentation, and "there's one more thing!" We will miss you Steve!!


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