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Hairstyles for business busy women. Easy workplace hairstyle for women. Celebrities are oftentimes followed for their sense of fashion. Many women would often be found supporting the same clothes, wear their make up in the same way, and even have their hair cut in a similar fashion. Recently, more and more women are now scheduling themselves at their local hair salon to have their locks cut into Kate Gosselin hairstyle, or something that closely resembles it. Supported by the mother of the hit reality TV Series Jon & Kate plus 8, the Kate Gosselin hairstyle has become extremely popular especially for moms, single career women and even teenagers.

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Many hairstylists agree that the Kate Gosselin hairstyle is ideal for women, just like Kate Gosselin, are always on the go and have very limited time to spend styling and fixing their hair. The hairstyle requires very minimal styling to be done. Because the back side of the Kate Gosselin hairstyle is cut into spikes, these can easily be styled by simply taking some setting gel or hair wax and just scrunching the back of the hair up. Only the front bob portion is the one that would need to be styled with the use of a blower and a wide round brush. But since this only takes up a portion of the entire Kate Gosselin hairstyle, the amount spent here is very minimal.

celebrity hairstyle with bangs: A good hairstyle for busy women

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Apart from being extremely manageable to style and maintain, the Kate Gosselin hairstyle is highly recommended for busy career women and mothers because of its versatility. The cut is fashionable whether you are simply wearing a simple shirt and jeans like what Kate usually does in the reality TV series, or a glittering cocktail dress for a night out on the town with some friends. Although most of the pictures of the Kate Gosselin hairstyle are often shown with Kate scrunching up the back side of the entire hairstyle, you also can blow this and lift it up with some volume giving mousse to give you an updo which would be great for formal events.

Before cutting your hair exactly into the Kate Gosselin hairstyle, make sure to first consult with your hairstylist before doing so. The downside with this hairstyle is that it would work well exactly as it is for oval and square-shaped faces. Your hairstylist will be able to slightly modify the look to let you get the hairstyle that you want that flatter on your face at the same time.

* Katie Irene Gosselin is an American television personality. Gosselin achieved national recognition as a star on the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 which profiles her and her then husband Jon Gosselin as they raise their atypical family of sextuplets and twins.


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