People are often inspired by the celebrity hairstyles. They catch them on T.V. shows, Hollywood functions, internet and other Medias. A large section of women wear the latest bollywood hairstyles. But one should always keep in mind their hair type, face shape, skin tone, hair length and age before experimenting the new look. Celebrities have to be in spotlight all the time, and so they keep on changing their looks. They set up a trend for the common people. Frequent hairdo requires a lot of hair care and maintenance. Highlights accentuate their features and hence give a trendy look.


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Celebrity hairstyles 2010 vary according to the seasons, circumstances and need of an hour. Some of the common celebrity hairstyles are bob cut, punk, prom and layered cut. Those with an oval face often go for the bob cut. It can be an inverted type, shaggy or blunt type. Those with the curls go for the curly bob. Another hot and latest celebrity hairstyle is the pull back hairstyle. The long hair is pulled back and tied with a hair piece. The hairstyle looks sleek and straight with lot of curls at the back. Celebrities with long shaped faces often wear long wavy curly hairstyle with small curls.

Those with round shape faces prefer short hair with bangs. Whereas those with diamond shaped face want to carry the straight short hairstyle with few highlights. Those with long hair can try a cut which gives a sleek look and at back creates some volume of hair. Some of them can try different cuts and it suits on them. Celebrities with medium hair length prefer short medium curly prom hairstyle. The mood is enhanced with the use of blonde hair color shades. Another common celebrity hairstyle is short pixie bob haircut worn by both men and women. It gives up a messed-up look or can be a sleek one. Versatile cut is also worn by some of them. It is dimensional shag with fringes and bangs. Choppy layered cut gives a messed-up look with uneven haircut and colored hair tips.

The most popular 2010 celebrity hairstyles among men are the Buzz Cut, Crew Cut, Classic Hairstyle, Clipper Cut, Faux-Hawk and Fade cut. Gel and mousse can also be used in these hairstyles to give a trendy look.


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