For women, one of the most important occasions that they look forward to is their wedding day. When you were still young, you probably already had an idea about what your dream, fairy tale wedding would be like. Saying yes to your partner's marriage proposal is as good a time as any to live out your dream of feeling like a princess on your wedding day, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bridal Hairstyle

Let's say that you have already found the perfect wedding dress to wear once you walk down the aisle. The next detail to put your bridal look together is to choose a suitable bridal hairstyle. First off, there are several factors that you need to consider when selecting a style that best suits you:

- Would you like to wear your hair up or down?
- Will you have a formal evening or casual day wedding reception?
- What's the cut of your wedding dress?
- Will you be wearing accessories like a veil, a tiara, fresh flowers or any other type of hair accessory?
- Will the ceremony be held indoor or outdoors?

These, along with the texture and length of your hair plus the shape of your face are all the other factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding on the hairstyle to wear on your big day.

Avoiding the Frizz

If you're having a day or summer wedding, one of the biggest enemies that you will have is frizz. Humidity is what causes frizz which sometimes appear on your locks even if you have an up do. To prevent this from ruining your hairstyle as a bride, here's what you can do. Gently blot-dry your hair using a towel after washing your hair while preparing for the wedding. Rubbing it with a dry towel causes frizz and broken hair strands.

Use an anti-frizz serum and apply it to your locks prior to its being handled by the stylist. When using a blow dryer, make sure to use the 'cool' setting. When you set the blow dryer to hot, it will cause your hair follicles to open.

Other Styling Tips for the Bride

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, make sure that it will look classic instead of dated in the pictures. Depending on the length of your hair, a classic updo or a romantic down hairstyle will be most suitable.

If you have already chosen which dress to wear, the hairstyle can also be based on the cut of the dress. For instance, a strapless dress can be worn with your hair up to accentuate the delicateness of your shoulders. If you're wearing a gown with sleeves, you're free to choose a down hairstyle or an updo.

To make sure that you look your best on your big day, have a practice session with your hairstylist. This way, you can still make adjustments if there's anything wrong with the hairstyle - and you can become the most beautiful bride once your wedding date arrives.

How are you supposed to select bridesmaids hairstyles and wedding hairstyles? There are several factors that you need to take into account, such as the cut of your wedding dress, the time of day that the wedding will be held, etc. By taking these factors into consideration, you can come up with a suitable hairstyle that will make you look your best on your big day.


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