Create Romantic Looks with Long Curly Hairstyles

long curly hairstyles 2012

Long curly hairstyles have an incredible sex-appeal and whether you have naturally curly hair or have to help your dead-straight hair out with curlers, curling irons or some other method to create waves, curls or ringlets, the look will always be great.

Long curly hair styles can be used to create romance in the most effective way, which is why many brides will opt for these kind of styles. Anything from large, flowing and wave-like curls to tight, rippling curls and ringlets can create the most appealing ways to frame a face. Long curly hair styles can be layered, too, but short layers on the top should be avoided unless the intention is to create a pouf.

celebrity long curly hairstyles

Caring for naturally curly hair can be testing, as it does tend to frizz, especially in moist conditions. Anti-frizz serums will help to keep it under control, as will the occasional application of either olive or jojoba oil. After combing through the hair with a wide-toothed comb or fingers, stick on a shower cap and keep the oil on for at least a few hours, then gently wash it out and let the hair dry naturally.

Rule number one for curly hair of any type is never to use a brush, as this will destroy the curls and create frizz. It is far better to just tease the curls into place with the fingers.

For those with naturally straight hair, perms are all the rage at the moment. This does not mean the crimped, poodle-like looks so popular in the 80′s, but much softer, usually larger curls that flow almost naturally and create the perfect look for any occasion. It helps that today’s perms are also much gentler and safer for the hair than they used to be.

Paris Hilton Long curly hairstyle

Those cute, sexy ringlets framing a face with an almost angelic look can be quite easily created at home. Starting with damp hair, a roughly dime-sized splash of serum and some gel should be applied to the hair from around mid-strand down to the ends.

The hair is then twisted in small sections from the top of the head down to the end. They should then be allowed to fall and dried using a diffuser, starting at the roots and working down. It is vital not to scrunch the sections, as this will create frizz, rather than perfect ringlets.

With the hair nearly dry, it is best to bend over and shake the ringlets loose. Massaging the top of the head will add extra volume and once the hair is flipped back, the style is finished with the fingers. Again, it is important not to use a brush under any circumstances.


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