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Desc: Learn how to do hairstyles for heart shaped faces with expert hair care and styling tips in this free beauty video clip.

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  1. The central point of the face with a pointy chin more often, because it faces a heart for long hair, facial hair, this is a working model of the form. For best results, a powerful explosion and ended with part of the face, eyes and cheekbones are amazing. The long hair, short hair and blunt cut is necessary to avoid an explosion because it is better for women.
  2. An ideal style for women with long hair and a thin face heart to shock or side face and chin, giving a proposal to emphasize. This is a convenient way to model long hair straight, soft curls and waves and even dazzling. Face twice as long as the heart can be beautiful Blunt cut the pen. Also, if you want an explosion, which will give a wider look at the front of your face or next to another explosion destroyed.
  3. The only concern I have a heart-shaped face. Many celebrities have a similar face shape. ‘Friends’ Lisa Kudrow fame has a heart-shaped face, and decided to bring the long hair and just let loose. But as long as it was an official party also maintains straight. In the same way, love the song Jennifer ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias play Hewit, the height of the roots of your hair with more volume. Spread the rest of the hair provides some loops. This gave good looks, a smooth face.
  4. Because the heart does not want long hair, you can opt for the more popular and bold bob cut, and then face. But we must keep the hair short, and includes full hair. For example, combed back seems to give more importance to the upper face. Along with heavy blows to the face of short comic styles will create a reverse triangular down.

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