Whether you want to have a lazy day beside the pool, show the office what you are made of or attend your best friend’s wedding, hairstyles with braids may be the perfect look for you. Forget the two straight lines from your playground days; braids have become the hassle free, classical look turning heads from the red carpet to the sports field. With a little experimentation there is a hairstyle with braids for you.

For a relaxed, comfortable look with a difference, hairstyles with braids can be achieved quickly by adding a few small braids into the front of your everyday hairstyle. Start with an off centre zigzag part; on the broadest side separate two or three small sections of hair, approximately the width of one finger. Braid each of these sections then loosely tuck them under your hair towards the back and secure with a few hidden bobby pins.

For a more elegant hairstyle with braids an adaption of the classic French braid can create a sophisticated style for any formal occasions. Create a small ponytail at the point you wish the braid to start. Begin braiding left to right adding a small amount of hair each time. Pull the braid towards the back of the head and secure temporarily with a bobby pin. Begin another braid either on the opposite side for a symmetrical look or lower down on the same side for a more modern hairstyle. Gather the remaining hair into a bun; make sure you hide the ends of the braids beneath. Secure the braids and bun with bobby pins. Now you have a classical hairstyle with braids that complements any evening dress.

For those of you looking for a comfortable way to keep you hair off your face during a sporting match or at the gym there is another hairstyle with braids you can try. Part your hair down the middle using either a straight or zigzag part. Quickly braid each section towards the back and secure the ends into a pony tail. This style easily allows you to wear a hat while securing those small tendrils of hair which escape a regular ponytail during physical exercise. Not only will you feel great playing sport, you will look great too!

Therefore no matter what your activity, a hairstyle with braids will give you the versatility you need to create an individual style. Experiment with your hair type; shorter hair will complement up-styles while longer hair can be curled into classical styles which complement any occasion.


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