All hairstyles, regardless of how trendy or popular they may be, must be in accordance with one’s face cut. Often women imitate their favorite Hollywood stars’ hairstyles; however they end up disappointed when the desired hairstyle does not turn out as intended. When researching the trends for long hairstyles in 2012, it is important to keep in mind the face cut and facial features before making the final decision.

For those who are unsure what hairstyles are best suited for what types of people, it is always suggested to consult the hair experts before applying any hairstyle, especially trendy, long hairstyles 2012. Because they are experts, they know which type of hairstyle highlights which features in your face and body, and add even more beauty to your personality.

People with round faces should consider long hairstyle trends for 2012. One exciting trend for 2012 includes layers and side bangs, as side bangs will add detailing to a round face. In addition, it will also highlight the facial features like eyes, lips, chin, nose, jaw line and cheekbones, and give you an elegant and sophisticated look. For this hairstyle, the first layer must end near the chin, and those with round faces should not have blunt bangs.

While the bob is a popular 2011 hairstyle, it will also be a trend in 2012 for people with round faces. Soft and graduated long layers that flow to the shoulder gives the appearance of a longer face. In addition, this look will also help take away the appearance of a strong, masculine jaw and add a delicate appearance to the overall look.

The wispy and tapered hairstyles will also be trending in 2012. While the tapered look is useful in elongating the face, it also gives a sophisticated look. Unfortunately this look is fairly high maintenance. After washing your hair with a salon brand shampoo, you will need to apply serum over it and then bow dry it. Once it has been blow dried, it will need to be straightened with a flat iron or hair straightener. Finally, a medium hold hair spray will need to be applied over the entire head of hair, allowing the hair to last throughout the day. Those who are looking for a simple “wash and wear” style are encouraged to try a style that requires less maintenance.

The popular and trending long hairstyles in 2012 will be the bob haircut and variations, layers with side bangs and layers with blunt bangs (except for those with round faces). Fortunately, the trendy long hairstyles in 2012 can be applied in all social situations such as parties, formal evenings, work and causal days at home.

From loose curls and romantic up-dos to tight ponytails and sleek buns, these long hair trends for 2012 can be used in any situation, ensuring you will gain the attention of everyone in the room. Make sure to consult with a hairstyle professional before making a final decision to ensure you have the perfect style for your facial features and skin tone.


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